The Group produces woven and laminated polypropylene sacks, also Jumbo Bags, Open Market Bags, and Shopping Bags. These bags are used by our subsidiaries and sold to the general public for household bagging needs.

Polypropylene Sack Manufacturing

Dangote Packaging Ltd was established in 1998 as a Private Limited Liability Company to produce both woven and laminated polypropylene sacks.

It commenced operation with a monthly output of 5million bags, not only to meet the requirements of unit companies within the Dangote Group but also to the commercial requirements of external customers. These bags are produced without any stitching.

It is provided with an automatic valve. The technology of plastic fusion is applied in these bags. This helps the industries to increase their packing production enormously. In addition, it is also stronger than paper bags. We also manufacture Jumbo Bags, Open Market Bags, and Shopping Bags.

The investment of the company is not only in machinery but also on people, through multi-faceted training. This has seen the company developing into the foremost provider of flexible woven polypropylene sacks, mat, and twine in Nigeria.