Dangote 3X Cement is Nigeria's first 42.5R
grade cement to be bagged in 50kg.
Wise and smart people choose Dangote because it is a higher grade of cement that delivers superior, longer life of structures, guarantees peace of mind while giving more yield per bag use.
  THE 3X  
Xtra Strength: Cement strength is measured in Megapascals (MPA) - which the cement achieves in 28 days of setting time. The 42.5 cement from Dangote achieves 42.5 MPA strength in 28 days' setting time.
Xtra Life: 42.5 is ground finer than 32.5, which gives a finer finish to the concrete work. Additionally, the mixed cement has fewer air-pockets and therefore adheres better and has a longer life.
Xtra Yield: Also, because of its higher strength characteristics, 42.5 grade cement gives higher yield (about 8% more) than 32.5,
N and R
N and R for cement refers to Normal and Rapid Setting characteristics. 42.5R cement sets more rapidly than any ‘N’ grade cement. For example, if 'N' reaches a strength level of 10 MPA in 2 days' time, R would reach 20 MPA in the same time period.
Because the initial strength development of 'R' is faster than users achieve higher levels of productivity. Block-makers and builders can de-mould earlier and therefore build more blocks or pillars. Because turnaround time is faster, productivity improves.
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